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The GPFI Implementing Partners undertake and coordinate the implementation of the activities of the GPFI together with other relevant stakeholders and the participating G20 and non-G20 countries.  Learn more about key activities, objectives and action points within the GPFI and about the G20's long-term commitment to financial inclusion.

G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan


At the G20 Summit in Seoul in November 2010, the Leaders of the G20, recognizing financial inclusion as one of the main pillars of the global development agenda, endorsed a concrete Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). In November 2014, G20 Leaders accepted an updated version of the Action Plan, and in July 2017, Leaders  endorsed the 2017 FIAP.
For the 2017 Financial Inclusion Action Plan view here.

For the 2014 Financial Inclusion Action Plan view here.

The 'original' 2010 
Financial Inclusion Action Plan may be viewed here.

GPFI Terms of Reference


This document provides the GPFI Terms of Reference: Download here.

Work Plans 


The GPFI Work Plan summarizes the key outputs for the GPFI and its Subgroups. More information is available on the Subgroup pages

The current Work Plan is available to download here

Previous Work Plans:

The GPFI Work Plan 2017: download here

The GPFI Work Plan 2016: Download here.

The GPFI Work Plan 2015: Download here.

The GPFI Work Plan 2014: Download here.

The GPFI Work Plan 2013: Download here

Thre GPFI Work Plan 2011-2012: Download here.


G20 Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion


The G20 Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion were endorsed by the G20 at the Toronto Summit in May 2010, and underpinned the establishment of the GPFI by G20 Leaders at the Seoul Summit in November 2010 to take forward its commitments on financial inclusion with broad stakeholder participation.