Principles and Report on Innovative Financial Inclusion

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To inform future strategies for increasing financial inclusion based on country experiences the G20’s Financial Inclusion Experts Group drafted a set of 9 “Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion” in 2010 . These Principles were endorsed by the G20 at the Toronto Summit in May 2010, and underpinned the establishment of the GPFI by G20 Leaders at the Seoul Summit in November 2010 to take forward its commitments on financial inclusion with broad stakeholder participation. These Principles spell out what the G20 believes is the condensation of good practice in financial inclusion. They break up the complex notion of financial inclusion into distinct aspects so that governments, banks and other stakeholders may grasp more easily the range of entry points for policy.  The document includes the G20 Principles and Report on Innovative Financial Inclusion from the Access to Innovation (ATI) subgroup of the G20 Financial Inclusion Experts Group.