Subgroups and Co-Chairs


The GPFI follows the structure of the G20 Financial Inclusion Experts Group (2009-2010) and maintains the G20 troika countries as the overall Co-Chairs. 

The overall GPFI Co-Chairs ensure the continuity of the work of the GPFI under the G20 process and coordinate the work and outcomes between the Subgroups and the different G20 initiatives that are relevant to financial inclusion. In addition, the GPFI Co-Chairs support some of the cross-cutting nature of the GPFI work, such as the outreach to private sector and non-G20 countries and organization of GPFI meetings including the GPFI Forum. They also have the overall responsibility of mobilizing adequate resources for the GPFI activities and reporting on the progress made to the G20 Leaders.
The Co-Chairs of the Subgroups have the leading role in providing strategic direction and implementation of the activities within the Subgroup. The non-G20 partners operate in similar capacity as the Co-Chairs of the Subgroup and actively participate in the implementation of the Subgroup activities.
The overall GPFI Co-Chairs and Subgroup Co-Chairs make up the GPFI Coordinating Board to reach tentative agreement on the overall direction of the GPFI, the focus areas of the Subgroups, and the main deliverables towards the Leaders Summit. Agreement on the direction, focus and deliverables are finalized after all the country representatives in the GPFI have had an opportunity to provide input and are comfortable with the plan for the GPFI.  Achieving buy-in from the GPFI country membership is important to establish the legitimacy of work and build ownership of the results.