GPFI Plenaries


On 24 and 25 March, the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion met first time under the Italian G20 Presidency.


During the meeting, divided into four sessions, the Group members discussed the GPFI work programme for this year, based on the priorities established by the Presidency and the commitments in the GPFI's Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). 


More specifically, this year GPFI will analyse the pandemic's impact on the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable groups and of micro-enterprises, and will identify the action needed to bridge the gaps generated by the crisis to build more equitable and inclusive financial systems. Five complementary reports and a set of ‘best practices’ based on these reports will be prepared by GPFI with its implementing partners.


The focus of the meeting was also on the best strategies to increase citizens' and businesses' awareness of digital finance opportunities and of the safeguards aimed at protecting them from the risks of financial exclusion. The GPFI also addressed the issue of migrants' remittances.


Documents available for download:


Documents from last year's plenaries: