G20 Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion - Executive Brief

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The G20 Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion were developed in 2010 by the Access Through Innovation Subgroup (ATISG) of the G20 Financial Inclusion Experts Group (FIEG). Tasked with raising awareness and collecting further examples of the Principles in action, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) has reprinted the G20 Principles in this executive brief, along with some examples of how developing country policymakers are bringing these Principles to life. 

The Principles were originally published in the Subgroup’s official report to the G20 and endorsed at the Toronto Summit in May 2010, and underpin the Financial Inclusion Action Plan endorsed at the Korea Summit in November 2010. The year-long FIEG process resulted in the establishment of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) by G20 Leaders at the Seoul Summit in November 2010 to take forward its various commitments on financial inclusion with broad stakeholder participation.