G20 2020 Financial Inclusion Action Plan


The 2020 G20 FIAP—a revision of the earlier 2010, 2014 and 2017 editions—comes at a time of crisis, as the COVID-19 pandemic represents an extraordinary global challenge that is having a profound impact on the global economy, including challenges for individuals and businesses, especially those related to financial inclusion. The GPFI will be responsive to new global issues as they arise, adequately frame the Partnership’s work to reflect current circumstances and address the crisis impact and the post-crisis economic effects. The GPFI reaffirms the G20 Leaders’ commitment to advance financial inclusion benefiting all countries and all people, including vulnerable (such as elderly people, migrants and forcibly displaced persons) and underserved groups (including the poor, women, youth, and people living in remote rural areas).


Following the Leaders’ mandate for the GPFI to streamline its work program and structure, the GPFI will prioritize its work under the 2020 G20 FIAP on digital financial inclusion (DFI) and SME finance. As a result, the 2020 G20 FIAP will cover three components that GPFI members consider to be of the highest priority: (i) GPFI Overarching Objectives; (ii) Action Areas under the agreed Prioritized Topics; and (iii) a set of Cross-Cutting issues and topics to be taken into account across the work of the GPFI.


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